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★ On the year 922 after the Earth exodus the space station Vivarium started a secret research program under the pretext of evolving the human race. Rumors about the Neo-humans spread all over the galaxy, bringing hope to the people now forced to live in space. ★

★ Before submitting oneself to the Neo-Human evolution the volunteer had to agree to the risk of death as 80% of all subjects did not survive the cerebral transplant process. Furthermore, upon completion, the transformation led to the loss of all memories, and the subject became a tool, living only to serve the space station, devoid of all emotions. ★

★ Years after the project's closure, the space station is facing a huge problem. Two of their subjects, the neo-humans Phazer and Ifrita, recovered their memories and now they are motivated by the same feeling: escape from the spacial station Vivarium! ★


In this exclusive demo you will have the opportunity to personify the determination of a truly Neo-Human. Using your Laser Cutter, break all the D.I.S.C.O.S in record time, evolving yourself at every memory lost.

★ Three different levels that challenge your (neo-)human limits.

★ Colorful Sci-fi aesthetics from another space.

★ Alien core mechanics based on old school Arkanoids.

★ Speed run based game with time score in every level.

★ Dynamic music that evolves during the gameplay.


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Vivarium-demo-win0.3.zip 42 MB
Vivarium-demo-linux0.3.zip 44 MB
Vivarium-demo-mac0.3.zip 48 MB


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Hi friend, loved the visuals! Where can I download the DEMO ? Mac version ?


Hello, :D

I will be releasing the demo this Friday, I send you a message. (:

Hey Gigoia! The demo is out, (: